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The growth and development of every city across India in the recent years has been rising in full swing in our country. Keeping in mind the present scenario, it is judicious to invest on real estate as it will be a profitable investment on your part in the coming future provided you follow proper legal steps accurately while selling and purchasing your property.
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At Sarkar Legal Service, the leading law firm in Kolkata, you will get best real estate legal service through experienced and skilled real estate lawyers. We give expertise solution for any kind of legal disputes and conflicts concerning real estate. Currently, buying residential, commercial plots and buildings are occurring rapidly where almost every individual is found investing on their dream property.
However, for every buying and selling of property there includes certain legal procedure which every owner and buyer are liable to follow. Dealing with your property involves certain legal steps which our legal practitioners will explain you out for a safe and complete legal deed on real estate.From the sellers and buyers side there are several procedures that our real estate lawyers will guide you that you are ignorant of. You can hire our professional valuation expert ahead of purchasing and selling any property to set the price for your proposed property.  We begin our service right after making all the initial checking and examination ahead of buying and selling a property.

Our Process And Formalities Include:

Agreement Drafting: We draft an agreement between the two parties relating to transaction. This agreement is made on stamp paper and it includes the details of agreed amount of the property in between the buyer and the seller, details of advanced amount, date and time when the selling would occur, procedures to be followed if any party is found defaulter, loss recovery and features of the property in detail.

Registration: The registration occurs right after the agreement in a sub registrar office. Registration involves various tasks that need to be done by submitting the original deed, previous deed, property tax receipt and this process requires two witnesses from both the seller and buyer’s side at the time of registration.

However, it is important to consider that ahead of purchasing any property, you should verify and inspect every detail of it and keep yourself immune from any sort of future disputes.  At the time of purchasing and selling it is much crucial to determine the estimated amount, restrictions on the property so as to avoid critical issues in the future. For any problem, our real estate lawyers are ready to serve you in your need. We provide plethora of services that includes real estate agreements between the seller and buyers, mortgage agreement, real estate corporate solution, real estate development and regeneration, real estate financial solution, real estate investors programs, real estate restructuring, real estate tax solution, real estate dispute resolution, real estate securitization and real estate litigation.

We have experience and successfully support our clientele in almost every real estate project. We successfully execute all our services to cater each and every clients a top notch quality result without any further legal dispute concerning any real estate. Hence, relief yourself and get expertise legal assistance on real estate from Sarkar Legal Service.

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