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It is noteworthy that justice and legal approach are very active in our democratic country, India. With renowned law firms and experienced lawyers, solicitors, advocates and attorneys our nation is well-equipped to make justice to all the innocents and victims. In terms of legal matters, Indian Constitution represents itself as the supreme power of the land and encompasses wider field of law. In a country like India, where authority of people is significant, different kinds of laws are the most necessary requirement in order to maintain law and order in the state.

civil matters service

civil matters service

The scope of law is much extensive in India and the most commonly practiced legal services we notice in India are the Civil law and the Criminal law. Both these legal fields have long branches and the renowned legal firms in India have specialized in these fields. Primarily, civil matters service is the day to day practice in all the states in India. Civil law is that branch of law that deals with disputes and complications between individuals, organizations etc. and where justice happens in favor of the victim by providing compensation.

Civil law is best explained as non criminal matters and it basically deals with disagreements, disputes, conflicts and damage of private and public properties. For civil matters service, the law firms in India like Sarkar Legal Service provides experienced and knowledgeable lawyers who not only represents the client in a legal proceeding but also, offers legal decisions on civil cases.

Sarkar Legal Service is significant as it is the pioneer in dealing with civil law cases and known for providing best solution to the clients. This is a highly acclaimed law firm that operates its business in the major cities of India with experienced legal professionals. The firm represents greater number of governmental bodies, companies and renowned individuals. Here the lawyers and advocates represent cases in Supreme Court, High Court, District Court and the Tribunals Courts in India.

Additionally, the firm encircles larger array of civil law to offer best civil matters service to the clients on civil litigation matters. The lawyers here practice family law, company law, insolvency, recovery suite, tax law, environmental law, intellectual property law, enforcement of foreign decree, labour and employment law, banking and finance law, consumer law, health care litigation and many more.

Based on the discussed civil laws that Sarkar Legal Service practice, there are wide ranges of civil matters service in which the legal professional of this firm excels.

The Few Services Are Mentioned Below:

  • Legal notices.
  • Real estate and construction disputes.
  • Suits for mortgage claim.
  • Suits under the Indian partnership act.
  • Health care litigation.
  • Summons.
  • Labour disputes.
  • Suits for personal injury claims.
  • Partition suits.
  • Consumer complaints.
  • Environment related case.
  • Writ petitions.
  • Transfer petitions.
  • Appeals.
  • Matrimonial disputes.
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