Have Experienced Solicitors, Advocates And Attorneys Providing Legal Services On Diverse Legal Issues

Sarkar Legal Service has set high quality legal standard of its own through the excellent professionalism by the industry expertise lawyers, solicitors, advocates and attorneys providing legal services. We understand the clients’ requirement and desires to keep up our work up to their expectations. Our firm is accustomed with all types of complicated issues that create hurdle in the way of life and at the same time provides accurate remedy to the problems. We believe in our service and leave no client in isolation when they require help from us.

With this vision we are stepping ahead with confidence and exclusively deal with the cases of our clients. All the members in our law firm have specialized knowledge on every field of law and this helps us to achieve victory for our clients. We practice all types of legal issues and provide expertise solution as our service.

Sarkar Legal Service practice cases on governmental issues, criminal law, industrial, political, societal and domestic issues and many others. Few of our practices are briefly discussed below:

  • Litigation and Arbitration: Our clients get exceptional service from our reputed professionals on litigation, arbitration and disputes. It includes domestic commercial litigation, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, international and domestic arbitration and so on.
  • Corporate and Commercial: We look after different types of trading activities and commercial and corporate issues. The services are commercial contracts, disinvestment, merger and acquisition, outsourcing etc. Additionally, it also combines service for Company formation, foreign direct investment, export and import code, joint ventures and shareholders agreement and many more.
  • Intellectual Property: Our firm provides accurate IP services to the clients and deals successfully with trademark disputes, copyright infringements, patent infringements, domain name disputes, design right infringements, breach of confidence and trade secrets and merchandising agreement and much more.
  • Real Estate: Our service on real estate law gives solution to the clients engaged with real estate property and business. In this forte we look after joint venture development, township development, title investigation, development and promotion of real estate and real estate finance.
  • Information Technology: We offer our counsel to the clients on all types of IT requirements. We advise our clients to obtain protective measure for domain names, help in merchandising agreements, deals with design right infringements, copyright infringement etc.
  • Project Finance: We deal with all types of finance, banking and capital market transactions. This service includes dealing with loan agreements, debenture subscription agreement, underwriting contracts, debenture trust deeds, concession agreements and many more.
  • Environmental Law: Our firm members understand the environmental issues and provide accurate advice on environmental laws based on water, air, solid waste and other environmental pollution. In this connection, we deal with environmental audit, environmental litigation, construction related environmental issues and much more.

Besides practicing the following laws, our firm practices all other fields of law that encircles domestic issues, governmental issues, societal issues etc. and always gives the best solution to the clients from the higher to the lower courts of India.