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Get The Best Legal Suggestion And Service On Litigation, IPR Service India From Our Law Firm

Sarkar Legal Services is a distinguished law firm in Kolkata, and with our experienced legal practitioners we cover a wide array of legal services which cater to the large number of people based in India and abroad. We work with eminent lawyers, notaries, attorneys and other legal personnel and counselors of the West Bengal district courts, Calcutta High court and the Supreme Court of India.

Our firm aims to offer exact legal service to our clients through proficient and best lawyers, advocates in Kolkata who are expert in the fields of law. For this reason, our client list tops among the other law firms in India. Apart from the common people in India, our client list includes renowned personalities, political members, corporate houses, cooperative societies and government institutions and so on.

Using our in-depth research and investigation, we unfold the truth and the exact evidences at the right moment to rescue our clients from the legal issues. With this we provide reliable legal services and appropriate suggestions to our clients within affordable cost. Our service is an amalgam of excellence and deep experience which helps to meet our clients’ expectation. We cover different fields of law in terms of service, starting from governmental law, litigation, IPR service India to family law and further take pride in offering the exact legal advices to our clients.

Following Are the Services we offer To Our Clients:

  • Commercial and Corporate.
  • Consumer law Service.
  • Franchise and Agency.
  • Financial Services, Banking and Securities.
  • Arbitration and Litigation.
  • Admiralty.
  • Entertainment and Media.
  • Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Real Estate.
  • Hospitality.
  • Aviation.
  • Anti-dumping.
  • Family and State.
  • Immigration.
  • Foreign Exchange Management.
  • Infrastructure development.
  • Intellectual Property Law and legal land use services.
  • Merging and Acquisition.
  • Joint Venture and Technology.
  • Delisting and Listing of Companies.
  • Trade and Customs.
  • Transfer of Technology.
  • Project Financing.
  • Contract law Service.
  • Enacting Approval from Government Bodies.
  • Oil and Gas.
  • Outsourcing.
  • Capital Market, Equity and Funds.
  • Construction.
  • Organizing a Business.
  • Taxation.
  • Trademark Registration.
  • Power.
  • Company Registration.

Many people are unaware of the different laws of India and unknowingly fall as a prey in the legal hands. Sarkar Legal Services has the solution for all the legal problems and ensures appropriate judgment in the client’s favor. With the mentioned services, it is clear that we serve all types of customers with complete satisfaction.

In today world, among millions of individual it is very hard to vocalize one’s point of view but, legal platform and suggestions help people to represent and solve problem in front of the entire world with confidence and truth. At Sarkar Legal Services we boost our customer’s confidence and ensure 100% accurate judgment and growth of our clients’ endeavors.