Business Law

Reduce Financial Risks With Our Corporate Business Law Services In India

Business Law represents the commercial field of law. This law is directly concerned with the business dealing and operations. It is more aptly termed as commercial and corporate law. These corporate laws help in enhancing the corporate values of an organization by abolishing the financial risks. With the growing complications in the commercial sector, following the Business laws are the only alternative to flourish a business in an accurate method. Sarkar Legal Service provides Corporate Business Law Services in India and attends cases related to the Business Law. With the help of highly qualified and experienced corporate lawyer and attorneys, our firm offer business advices and corporate legal services to the public and privately owned companies.


We value a business and endeavor to see it flourishing in an appropriate manner. For this, we introduced the following Commercial and Corporate law services for our clients and also find lawyer and an attorney in Kolkata, India from our organization:


  • Corporate Reorganization and Reconstruction
  • Formation of Companies
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Import and Export Code
  • Asset Acquisitions
  • Trade Arrangement and Technology Transfer
  • Statutory Filing under Company Law
  • International Trade
  • Corporatization and Privatization
  • Income Tax
  • Commercial Laws
  • Trust and Estates
  • Immigration Service
  • Employment Law Service
  • Secured Transaction
  • Real Estate Legal Services