A Brief Review On Criminal Law

A criminal offense of any kind gets considered as the crime against the state and against the people of the country. With the each passing days, criminals are increasing in our nations and with them new crimes are taking birth in our mother land. People committing crime and corruption always required to get charged and punished immediately as this will be a lesson for millions of people who may commit such hideous crime out of undesirable circumstances.

criminal law

criminal law

According to the law and regulations of our nation, no one should indulge into any sort of crime and no one should endure any sort of crime of any individual. Our state has prescribed certain rules and regulations which the people of the country follow to have a better living in the country. When people break laws and jeopardize the nation, they came to known as the criminals. All criminals in a country must get severe punishment for his or her deeds.

The Indian Penal Code which is the criminal code of India includes all the aspects of criminal law. Several types of judgments are drafted here and criminals get punished as per the prescribed law here. Crimes do not vary from country to country and its categorization is vast as day by day anti social and terrorists are emerging on a rapid scale. On this note, let’s learns the types of crimes generally people commit in the country.

Types of Crimes:

  • Crime against Women:  The crimes that jeopardize the healthy livelihood of woman are dowry, rape, female infanticide, sex selective abortion and domestic violence. As per the record, crime against woman is ruling the list in India.
  • Illegitimate Drug Trading: The criminal law of India has a strong judgment and prescribed punishment against the drug traders. Drug distribution is one of the significant crimes in India and several measures were taken to fight against drug trafficking in India.
  • Arm Trafficking: Trading with arms and ammunitions is another hideous crime that many criminals in India commit. Under the influence of naxalism, many youths in India are engrossed into trading of arms and ammunition with other countries of the world.
  • Wildlife trafficking and poaching: Due to the practice of this sort of crime in India, wildlife is facing rapid extinction. The primary target behind wildlife trafficking is the trading of wildlife skin.
  • Cyber Crime: This crime is concerned with the world of internet and it includes cyber harassment, defamation, stalking etc. The criminal law along with the Information Technology Act has drafted several rules and regulation which will curb the ongoing cyber crimes in India.

Though India is under the threat of severe crimes but still, with the strong criminal law, notable law firms in India like Sarkar Legal Service helps victims to get the best judgment in India.

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