Criminal Law
Indian Criminal law illustrates acts on the criminal conducts in India. Criminal law got divided into three major divisions, Indian Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure and Indian Evidence Act. People found guilty of violating the criminal conducts in India in no time get penalized through legal services and meet with the prescribed law outlined in the Indian Constitution..
Business Law
Business Law represents the commercial field of law. This law is directly concerned with the business dealing and operations. It is more aptly termed as commercial and corporate law. These corporate laws help in enhancing the corporate values of an organization by abolishing the financial risks. With the growing complications in the commercial sector..
Family Law
Family law as the term reflects completely concerned with the domestic and household issues. Family law describes many set rules to curb the domestic violence and maintain good relationship among the family members. This law includes a wide array of family rules prescribed in the Constitution, which evolved to penalize the offender of the family dispute..
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Sarkar Legal Services in India is one of the distinguished and acclaimed Kolkata law firms. We are committed to serve excellent legal services to our clients based in India and abroad.Our Kolkata law firms employees are experienced lawyers, attorneys, notaries, legal counselors and other legal associates.

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In Sarkar Law Firm we have team of experienced advocates, notaries and attorneys who are always ready to serve your legal needs. Our Legal Firm in Kolkata operates and practices legal cases of every field and finally provides legitimate judgment in favor of the clients.

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We offer practical solutions and defend cases in The Supreme Court, Calcutta High Court and other districts courts in West Bengal.
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"Mr. S. Sarkar and his Kolkata law firms team helped me with my business start-up and drafted my contract very well. I am thoroughly impressed with the professionals of this firm who gave value to my work and time." - Mr.Sudip Mukherjee (Director of an IT Company)

"Thanks to the Lawyers of Sarkar Legal Services for resolving the most complicated case in my in-law's house. They rescued me from the disputation and unnecessary domestic harassment. Their suggestions truly worked out for me and I would highly recommend other mistreated housewives to seek help from this law firm." - Mrs. Nandini Bhattacharya (Housewife)